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Slideshow "Metamorphosis" is a unique gift for any special occasion. It is perfect for birthdays, weddings, graduations, Mother's and Father's days, anniversaries, or just to make someone you love happy. It is a best way to preserve your life story. Unlike ordinary slideshow, you never get tired of watching magic "Metamorphosis" over and over.

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Samples of "Metamorphosis"

More samples you can find at our Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Gift ideas



Playing slideshow at a big screen becomes a common attribute of wedding reception. Why not to do it in original way? "Metamorphosis" of the bride and the groom from their childhood showing together will be a very touching moment of your party.


"Metamorphosis" is the best memorable gift for any anniversary. It shows an exciting journey through the years capturing changes of emotions. "Metamorphosis" can be a perfect highlight of your party.

Baby's first birthday

The changes of newborn baby during the first year are so amazing that you have to memorize them! "Metamorphosis" slideshow is absolutely necessary gift for the 1st birthday celebration. It will surprise your quests and can be shared to your relatives and friends absent at the party. When your children will have their own kids they will be so grateful to you for such a memory.


Do not miss a creative idea for celebrating your success! A fantastic "Metamorphosis" of a child to a graduating student surprises everyone at your graduation party. "Metamorphosis" is a great way to show how you are growing and succeeding in education, sports, career, business, family life etc. It is perfect for any milestones of your life which you like to share with friends.

Mother's and Father's days

Looking for the best heart touching gift for Mother's or Farther's Day? Surprise your Mom and Dad with the most memorable and a priceless gift.

Family tree

Where your baby's looks come from? "Metamorphosis" is the most original way to visualize your family tree and preserve your family history for the next generation.


"Metamorphosis" is an extraordinary way to create memorable tributes to those you loved. Life story "Metamorphosis" is very impressive and heart touching.


How to order

Requirements to pictures. Select preferably close up face shots and indicate their order. In the case of group pictures you do not need to crop them. If you scan pictures do it with a maximal possible resolution, not worse than 600 pixels per inch. Send your pictures at one of our emails (idslideshow‑ or put somewhere (e.g. Google drive, Dropbox) for downloading and send a shared link by email.

Music and caption text. We used music from royalty free music libraries. We will propose the options for your choice. You can add any caption text you like.

Cost and term of performing. The cost is USD 79 for the standard metamorphosis slideshow up to 20 pictures and USD 2 for each additional picture. The cost of wedding metamorphosis slideshow is USD 200. A term of performing is 3-4 weeks. In case of rush orders the cost is increased. The payment is accepted via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay the invoice using a credit card. After payment, we will send your video optimized for a big screen, mobile devices, Facebook as a link for downloading. You can easily share it with your friends and family or save on CD or USB flash.

Why is it worth to order professional product?

There are many advertisements of slideshow software makers promising you a great result. But any technical program requires skills. You always can distinguish non-professional product from professional one.

If you like to have a professional quality art-work "Metamorphosis" it is worth to order it here. I am a professional film editor. Samples of my work you can find at my Facebook page and Youtube channel.

If you recognize the quality of my work and would like to see more "Metamorphosis" videos of celebrities you can support us with your donation.

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